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I’ve been so busy and I know I’ve neglected this blog a lot but I don’t think there are many people who mind so I think it’s been okay…I’ve considered deleting my account but I think I would miss having a recording of what made up a good deal of my interests during my college career…And I want to make gifs…I do but I’ve been so busy looking for a job and trying to get my life on track that I simply have not had the time…



GDYB during TOP’s rap in Bad Boy 

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top and taeyang’s small english conversation

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what’s the best thing about being Big Bang?

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140915 Taeyang at 2014 CK ONE 20th Anniversary Event

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140903 G-Dragon at J.ESTINA F/W Brand Presentation

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Taeyang: I just want to be a great artist for the fans and I want to be a great man for my girl.
TOP: Do you have a girlfriend?
Taeyang: Yeah… I have a million girls in the world… my fans.

Stop. Kwon. Jiyong

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140913-14 BIGBANG @ YG Family Concert in Singapore

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I’m sure that I never talked about how good this fancam is. #i want to thank god but also jesus #and daesungs parents #and hwangssabu #and cordi noona that choose white clothes 

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T.O.P: *to Taeyang* "Do you have a girlfriend?"

this was so unexpected, tabi and English and it sounds so right omg omg so so so right


YG Family @ 140912 Samsung x YG Family Power Tour Press Con in Singapore #3!



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CL,GD,Winner, YG CEOs Yang Hyun Suk & Yang Min Suk @ 140913 YG x L Capital Asia (LVMH) Signing Ceremony!

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